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    me when Alex Vause 😭😭😭

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    Real Life vs On Set

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    Laura is on her way to LA right now which means she’ll definitely be at the Emmys on Monday!

    Please tell me you went to say hi :P


    love is not an excuse.”

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    • Alex:   fuck you piper
    • Piper:   fuck you alex
    • me:   it's true love

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  4. Send me a couple numbers to find out:


    Have you ever:
    1. Skipped class?
    2. Done drugs?
    3. Self harmed?
    4. Drank?
    5. Shoplifted?
    6. Gotten a tattoo?
    7. Broken up with someone?
    What’s your favorite:
    8. Show?
    9. Movie?
    10. Song?
    11. Tumblr?
    12. Singer/Band?
    13. Memory?
    14. Book?
    This or that:
    15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?
    16. Cookies or Cake?
    17. Twitter or Facebook?
    18. Movies or Books?
    19. Coke or Sprite?
    20. Blind or Deaf?
    21. Tea or Coffee?
    What’s your:
    22. Age?
    23. Sign?
    24. Height?
    25. Sexual orientation?
    26. Shoe size?
    27. Religion?
    28. Longest relationship?
    Opinion on:
    29. Gay rights?
    30. Second chances?
    31. Long distance relationships?
    32. Abortion?
    33. The death penalty?
    34. Marijuana ?
    35. Love?
    Do you:
    36. Believe in ghost?
    37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?
    38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?
    39. Love someone?
    40. Still watch cartoons?
    41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    42. Like yourself?

    Go oonnnnn. Ask me! :), 

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  5. I need season 3 in my life. Or Fanfic…any takers?

    Someone should totally make a fanfic about when Alex leaves Piper in the holding cell after 2x01. Must’ve been really hard to hear Piper screaming at her like that, so emotionally. 


    • Mum:   I think I want to watch that series you were watching a few weeks ago
    • Me:   Which one?
    • Mum:   It was something like 'orphan is the new black'
    • Me:   That's two separate shows
    • Mum:   No
    • there was a one with dark hair in glasses that you thought was hot
    • and i'm pretty sure she was a lesbian
    • because she was going out with that blonde lady
    • Me:   That still could be either show
    • Mum:   I think there were clones
    • Me:   There we go.



    How do I even begin to explain Piper Chapman?

    I love whoever made this😂
    This is hilarious

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    You keep a sex log on the show!

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    "I was there for Alex. She was… the love of my life."

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    Probably the best post I’ve seen in a while.

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